The Republic Ep188: In the Shadow of Revan

This week on the Republic, I am joined by Redna and Heather, and we talk about everything we know about the new Star Wars: The Old Republic expansion that was just announced, “Shadow of Revan.”

We pull apart the images from the Community Cantina in New York. Redna rants about PvP and the lack of new content coming to 3.0. The I have my own rant about the new skill tree system called Disciplines.

You don’t want to miss this extended episode of The Republic!

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  • Vicariousfan

    Great episode its good to see hosts who really enjoy talking about the game and Star Wars. I love Garry but it seems like the Republic was always a chore to him. I also love seeing episodes longer then a half hour.

    As for PVP i’d be surprised if patch 3.1 isn’t a PVP patch. It could be that since they are redoing all the skills they might be holding off on PVP till they see how it actually plays out on the live servers.

  • Shawn Hargrave

    this discipline setup has nge fiasco written all over it. They should have had people trying it out on the pts the day of that stream. Im not falling for a swg mustafar mess again. We dont need any more wz’s my god this game has enough instanced pvp to last a decade we need better open world pvp that doesnt require 50 mill and that is non guild based but rep vs imp based. We need incentive for open world pvp all the incentive is in wz’s so all you do is wz’s to get the gear to do more ws’s its burn out city.

    • Vicariousfan

      From reading your post its apparent you weren’t there at the NGE. The Trials of Obi Wan was released on November 1st for $39.99. Two weeks later they released the NGE where they removed full classes, completely changed the UI and changed the leveling system.

      So if you had spent your time as a politician, a beast handler, or droid engineer you were shit out of luck. All the work you had done to grind your way up was now gone.

      Sony completely redesigned the entire game and released it 2 weeks after a major expansion with out telling anyone.

      Bioware is streamlining the talent system and letting people know 2 months in advance and it in no way changes the game-play, classes, or leveling system in the game.

      This is no different then when Everquest 2 or even World of Warcraft did the same thing.

      You have to make a pretty far logical leap to think that this is in any way similar to the NGE.

      If you play on a PVP server then you would see open world PVP faction vs faction is alive and well thanks to the addition of the galactic conquest.

      Its exactly what you asked for a reason to do Open world PVP.

      • Shawn Hargrave

        uh yeah my point exactly and no conquest isnt alive and well and most of the time its next to none pvp b/c the large guilds just steamroll through them. look at this

        Im not the only one who thinks this could be an NGE btw thiers a lot of people unsure even the host on this show here arent sure . So its not as fat a leap as you think thier streaming it and not letting people play it hands on means shit really you dont know either way until you try it yourself %100 they did the same thing with the nge lol and the devs said the same thing as well back then to “this will make it easier” and “we” think its better and all this. look at this

        So no conquest isnt what i asked for its not imp vs rep most of the time its just one side steamrolling the base commander and moving on. Guild based was a major fubar on thier part /shakehead

        • Vicariousfan

          yeah conquest and world PVP on PVP servers is alive and well, you should check it out. I’m having an absolute blast in my small guild.

          Of course there are other people who also made the insane leap in logic from talent changes to “OMG this is the NGE and they are removing classes entierly”

          That doesn’t mean they are right. There are people who think chem trails are real and 9/11 was an inside job. But that doesn’t make them right.

          If you read the forum post you linked to which i wouldn’t be surprised if you were the one who started it, you will see how the large majority of people are explaining to the OP that he is completely off and it is nothing like the NGE.

          Did you read my post on what the NGE was?

          NGE wasn’t done to make it easier it was to revamp the game so they could stop players from leaving. At that point in time SWG was bleediing subs faster then The Old Republic was at launch. They were down to like 40k players. It was bad, i was there. I held on till after the NGE.

          Are you able to explain to me how completely changing how the entire game plays by removing entire classes and changing the leveling system 2 weeks after an expansion without any warning at all is even remotely like removing the skills tree for the classes?

          Here is a video of the new ability changes.

          The combat isn’t changing, the way classes play isn’t even changing they are still going to have the same ability system ie Juggernaunts and Jedi Knights are still going to generate rage and so forth.

          So the only thing that is changing is the skill trees.

          It’s nothing like the NGE. Unless you know something that no one else knows like are they removing classes? changing how the combat system works? Leveling and questing system?

          • Shawn Hargrave

            the bottom line is you dont know any more then the rest of us it could go either way as the hosts discussed your whole view is %100 this is not nge no matter what!! we dont know either way but it sure looks like it i know what the nge is and isnt i played swg from launch to 6 months before shutdown. Heres julio pos torres saying pretty close to what that discpline video said

            You dont know anything either way until you play it and see for yourself do you? streams pictures dont mean shit till your actually playing and testing it out. The classes are changing from what i saw sorcs can run and shoot limited skills their giving them a new skill so yes thats change now good or bad who knows at this point? Its why im waiting to see along with a good amount of people who arent jumping on the revan bandwagon and see how this combat revamp turns out.

          • Vicariousfan

            I know only what they have told us. Which is that they are not removing classes, they are getting rid of the tallent trees and that’s about it.

            In the NGE

            1. They removed entire classes. – this is not happening

            2. They completely changed the leveling system – this is not happening

            3. They didn’t tell anyone about this until it happend which was 2 weeks after they sold a full expansion pack – This is already impossible since we have been told about it 2 months before the expansion comes out

            By those 3 major things it is nothing like the NGE. Did you read the replies by people on The Old Republic Forum?

            Sorry if you think my viewpoint is the same as the host in that clip then you haven’t read a single word i have typed.

            It can’t go the way NGE went because they aren’t removing classes, leveling system or not telling us about it till it goes live.

          • Shawn Hargrave

            we dont know till it goes live now do we? all we know is its very secretive and and if they were so confident in it wed be on the pts right now playing it and seeing for ourselves now would we?

            At least im willing like the show hosts to admit it could go either way i supose thier wrong to as well? I read what you typed its just pro this isnt nge and your %100 right no matter what with little to no evidence either way of what this but were gonna be pro tor and not be unbiased here and look at this rationally and honestly im willing to admit it couldnt be nge but i cant rule out that its not a new nge until i have all the info and have played it myself to see for sure.

          • Vicariousfan

            we do know. We know because remember in the NGE they didn’t tell anyone about it till AFTER it went live. They Removed entire classes.

            Do you think they are actually going to remove entire classes?

            I didn’t say it couldn’t go wrong, I said that it couldn’t be the NGE.

            Its just the talents they are changing. They aren’t removing classes, they aren’t completely changing the leveling or questing system and they have already told us about it.

            The NGE was a very specific event that happened to a MMO. Already this is nothing like what happened with the NGE. In my first post I explained to you what the NGE was and how it changed the game.

          • Shawn Hargrave

            NO you dont know if you did we wouldnt be having this discussion and they wouldnt be having a 20 minute chat about it on the show NO ONE including you/me know %100 what it is we just dont thats the truth. You explained what you believe the nge to be that is not entirely it they did tell people ahead of time as well like the video thier and on the site and before nge didnt just poof appear it was exactly like this almost word for word. Look were gonna have to agree to disagree here.

          • Vicariousfan

            am i being trolled? i am sorry but i’m having trouble understanding what you are saying. You started out being clear and concise but you’ve now devolved almost into gibberish.

            I explained what the NGE was exactly not what i thought it was.

            Was the NGE not comprised of everything I said? If it isn’t what did I get wrong? There was more stuff they changed with it that is for sure but there isn’t less then what i had said.

            We know that the talent change is what they told us which is nothing like the NGE. They had a 20min dissucsion about it on The Republic because that’s what they do. They spent 20 mins speculating on the type of settlement in one of the images, that doesn’t mean they are adding Gungans like they had in SWG or anything like that.

            Tell me do you actually believe they are going to be removing entire classes?

            Do you think they are changing the leveling and questing system?

          • Larry Everett

            I AM going to address the Discipline system. But as of right now there is just not enough information to go on. I don’t think it’s as drastic of a change as the NGE was for Star Wars Galaxies because that fundamentally changed the foundation of the game. However, it is possible that this Discipline system could make character progression extremely boring and not a fun part of the game any more.

            I will address this further as we have more information.

          • Shawn Hargrave

            Yes my point exactly larry theres not enough information either way based on what ive seen and whats been said my opinion is it feels very nge’ish to me doesnt mean im wrong or right here geesh. Yes i was around for nge myself to lol

          • Vicariousfan

            Have you read anything said here including what you wrote?

            You are saying your point the whole time was that its not as drastic as a change as NGE because that changed the game (which i said several times), but that it could make the game less fun (which i also said).

            Because if you are saying you agree with Larry here then you were also agreeing with me. Which you said that we would have to agree to disagree.

            So what the hell man? Why did you just waste everyones time and make an alarming post? Even on The Old Republic forums people said you were wrong.

          • Shawn Hargrave

            why the hell are you obsessed with me having my own opinion? whats it to you? an alarming post lol Since when is posting your opinion an alarming post. What im agreeing with larry on is the point about we dont know either way what this is and you claimed %100 that you do know what it is only the devs at this point know that even larry said the same we dont have enough information at this point. They didnt say i was wrong on the forums they said the same thing not everyone but a lot of people were voicing this could be the nge. Its just an opinion dude get over it opinions are like assholes and we both have one lol geesh.

          • Vicariousfan

            this might be the weirdest conversation i have ever had on the internet.

            I thought at first we were having a discussion not a fight.

            You made a statement, one that is kind of alarming. You said the discipline system has the NGE fiasco written all over it. It’s alarming because those of us who played Star Wars Galaxies know what the NGE was and what it did to the game.

            That’s a bold statement and you can say that. Not trying to challenge your opinion.

            I explained to you what the NGE was and how it wasn’t anything like what this is. Remember i talked about how its similar to how World of Warcraft and Everquest 2 revamped the talent system.

            The one thing you haven’t said in any of your posts (and why the reason i’m pretty sure i’m just being trolled now) is that you haven’t once explained how this is anything like the NGE.

            Why do you feel this is like the NGE?