Rebels Recon answers an age-old question about Stormtroopers

A fan, Dookers0435, asked @starwars, with the hashtag of #rebelsrecon, if the Stormtroopers that we see in Star Wars Rebels were clone troopers or just regular folks. One of the main storytellers for Star Wars Pablo Hildago answered that question.

He explained that the clones during the Clone Wars were bred to age more quickly than normal humans, and since we are about five years before Episode IV in Star Wars Rebels, all the clone troopers would have been retired by now.

“[Clonetroopers] have been replaced by recruits who are fervently patriotic and loyal to the Empire — men and women who believe in the cause of the Empire and have signed up to be Stormtroopers.”

This sort of brakes the old canon, but not completely. It’s been said in the past that conscripts and clones make up the Stormtrooper army, but it’s good to now have this little bit of information solidified.

Congratulations to Dookers for having his question answered, and I will certainly paying attention to future Q&As from Rebels Recon. You can catch to the whole Rebels Recon insider above.

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  • waglanug

    And why are they stopping producing new clones?

    • Larry Everett

      That’s an important question that maybe they’ll answer at one point.

    • Radioedit

      It’s been said in that canon that clones take 10 years to mature, and it should theoretically be expensive to create them. Given that there are trillions of people in the Empire, it would just make more sense to conscript people to fill out the ranks once the emperor had completely taken over the government.

  • johnkzin

    They can’t _ALL_ be retired by Episode IV … we see a unit of the Jango clones in Ep IV, in one of the added-scenes from the re-mastered original trilogy, where Han runs into them in the hall ways of the Death Star. I think it’s more likely that they’re nearing the end of their planned obsolescence (ie. they might have a built in expiration date), and the empire has been seeing that coming for the previous 5-10 years. Thus the creation of stormtrooper academies for non-clones.