Monday Meditation: Are the SWTOR Consular/Inquisitor changes enough?

Last week, community representative Tait Watson posted the changes to the Consular and Inquisitor classes on the Star Wars: The Old Republic test server. For instance, Death Field for Hatred Assassins has been reduced to a 10 meter range and other abilities have been reduced in damage. Players have complained about the balance issue with the Inquisitor classes and the Consular counterpart, especially in situations like arena PvP when the name of the game is to reduce the other players’ health points as fast as possible.

As you might guess, there have been both complaints about BioWare over compensating and other complaints about the developer not doing enough to put the those two classes in line with the other PvP oriented Advanced classes. Personally, I’m on the fence. I do see a couple of things that are over reaching, such as Wither/Force Break getting a reduction in damage, but other ability changes appear to be right on, like the 10-meter range for Crushing Darkness/Mind Crush, which then gets an increase in range for Sorcerers and Sages.

What do you think? Is BioWare on the right track or are they over reaching? Or do you think they haven’t done enough?

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  • I think their self-healing from damage needed to be nerfed. I was in an arena recently where the fight came down to me and another healer vs. a single Sorc, and our combined dps was not enough to take him down even without him actively healing himself… that just seemed nuts.

  • AceOfDymonds

    As someone whose main is a Sorc, I was pretty surprised to see they aren’t nerfing Lightning Storm (I think Force Quake is the Sage equivalent?). That was definitely the most glaring imbalance I had seen – well besides that there is apparently a bug where interrupts don’t work on us :-P

    Total Side Note: Larry, any chance of Massively OP getting an option to post through Disqus? I’d rather not have to juggle a Livefyre profile / account on top of this one.

    • Karl Hungus

      I really wish they’d switch to Disqus as well, but they seem to like Suckfyre for some reason.

  • Karl Hungus

    And yet they continue to ignore the elephant in the room that is Lightning Storm.

  • Ben Madden

    Larry , were has the Republic gone ?

  • Kip Braunstadter

    republic..yes please we miss you larry

    • Vicariousfan

      seconded, I need my republic

      • gods_gift_maggot

        GBTV is dead

  • qwas

    March 2. What’s the point of this site? You don’t even have a link to the newer SWTOR Gamebreaker clips, that exist. Why don’t you just delete hyperspacebeacon. It’s already abandoned.

    And well, don’t say “see you next week” in The Republic when there wil lbe no new show for weeks!

  • Shawn Hargrave

    You have a class based on playing the emperor lol. A major screw up on the dev team side. The class is insanely op and its aimed at fotm tools/scrubs who spam lightning and storm and dots. Its why its the top played class. Its why i deleted mine after soloing mobs 10 levels higher with crap gear with ease and exploding people in pvp just the same. Thier gona have to remove storm and nerf it 95% just to make the class a chalenge in itself. Overall very bad decision on dev team side

    • Vicariousfan

      10 levels higher? that is mechanically impossible.

      • Shawn Hargrave

        sigh /smh

        • Vicariousfan

          no really it is impossible to do that i tried that during the big xp boost. It 100% impossible.

          • Shawn Hargrave

            Maybe they did get nerfed now lol. I was doing what i said though back then.

          • Vicariousfan

            it has nothing to do with being nerfed. The reason I said it was mechanically impossible is because it always has been. See every level higher the mob is then you the higher chance you have to miss. At 10 levels higher your miss chance is some where around 75% if not higher. So there is no way to do enough damage before they kill you.

          • Shawn Hargrave

            lol it cant have always been because they couldnt nerf it then could they? /smh

          • Vicariousfan

            i’m confused at what you are saying? Yes it has always been like that. A sith sorcerer couldn’t kill a NPC 10 levels higher. Now they were overpowered once but it was still impossible to kill a NPC 10 levels higher.

          • Shawn Hargrave

            yes i know your confused just like with all the other arguements and hardcore fanboism /sigh when the game first came out to im not sure when i left back then when i made that inquistor i was doing that killing things 10 levels higher with it “then” i dont know about now as i dont play or have one. If your saying you cant do that then im assuming they got nerfed then.

          • Vicariousfan

            oh cool you are going to resort to insults now. Awesome.

            No i explained to you why it was mechanically impossible for you to kill things that are 10 levels higher. It has nothing to do with the DPS.

            So what level where you? What planet were you on?

            Now I remember you, you are the one who kept making bizarre claims and then when I kept providing evidence that what you said was false you kept changing your story.

            Do you not even play Swtor anymore? Why are you here then arguing about it?
            Never mind don’t answer i dont’ really care.

            Keep spinning the tale of how you killed mobs 10 levels higher it doesn’t matter and no one really cares.
            Ok cool we are done here.

          • Shawn Hargrave

            /shrug your the guy who even larry had to explain things to you b/c your to biased and fanboi as your post shows. Its always a conspiracy with you lol. Thank god your done lmao