• Enjoyed both episodes so far. I’m a big story person and really like the analysis and breakdown you two are doing of the stories outside the movies (an area I know little of).

    • It’s a trap!

      Thanks! It’s becoming more and more fun diving deeper into the material and getting to discuss and theorize the impact and relevance. We know not everybody can or wants to consume every form of story telling media under the sun, so it feels quite nice to share with people the things we feel are important that they may be missing. -Red

  • It’s a trap!

    Glad you enjoyed it Roger! -Ordoo

  • Markimal

    In regard to your comment about the rodian, there was a rodian padawan in the clone wars tv series in the episode where the padawans went to Ilum to get their lightsaber crystals.. Not sure if they mentioned his name, but he was in a few episodes so I would assume so.