It’s a Trap Podcast: Episode 6: Son of Dathomir

Following the Clone Wars television series abrupt end, there were several unreleased and untold stories that had manuscripts prepared. This 4 issue story arc covers one of those untold tales in comic book form and is the first/only canon material to survive from Dark Horse’s incredible run of Star Wars story telling. Find out here what happened to several key characters from the series while we talk to our guest Matthew Moore!

What do you think of Darth Maul’s fate? How dangerous do you think Mother Talzin is?  Comment below

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Spoiler notes about characters, organization, and locations below:


Stygeon Prime
Rook Kast
Shadow Collective
Darth Maul
Ord Mantell
Ziton Moj
Black Sun
Brother Viscus
Commander Wolffe

  • Roger Prouse

    Is there an easy way to download these and listen to while offline?

    • It’s a trap!

      you can choose to download it with Itunes or just about any podcast AP. I am not sure about Stitcher. If you want to download episodes you can go to our website

      • Roger Prouse

        Awesome. Thanks. I’ve saved the website and found an app that’ll do that for me. Called podcast addict.

        Also, just wanted to give a quick word of warning, my norton toolbar marked your site as a dangerous site because of one annoyance factor hit against it. It doesn’t tell me any more than that.

        Here’s the warning I got. Hope that helps because I’d hate for people not to visit this because of the warning.

        • It’s a trap!

          Glad you could get it to work for you and thanks for the warning. We are aware of the issue and are working to get it corrected. It’s minor error that has turned out to be very difficult to correct