It’s a Trap Podcast: Episode 10: The Clone Wars Movie



Chill Joins us as we discuss the theatrical release that started the Clone Wars TV Series.  Do you find Ashoka annoying when you first meet her?  How do Anakin and Ashoka compare and contrast?

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Plot Summary

The film begins with a narrator explaining the state of the war. The Separatists control the majority of the hyperlanes, leaving Republic forces stranded in different parts of the Outer Rim. An octopus-like craft heads for Tatooine to capture Jabba the Hutt‘s son Rotta as part of a plan to make the Hutts join theClone Wars. Meanwhile, a fierce battle is taking place on the crystalline planet ofChristophsis between the Republic’s very limited clone army and the Retail Caucus forces.

With the help of Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, Rex and Cody, the clones steadily advance on the Separatists’ forces, gaining the Republic an early victory. The victory doesn’t last long, though, as the droid army under GeneralLoathsom soon returns for more bloodshed. With no communications or the ability to fly in reinforcements, the fate of the few remaining clone soldiers are in the hands of Obi-Wan and Anakin. A shuttle soon comes with an important delivery; thinking it’s reinforcements, the Jedi go to investigate – only to find a young Padawan named Ahsoka Tano, who insists that she has been sent by Master Yoda to serve as Anakin’s Padawan. The battle resumes, with Separatistforces advancing behind an expanding shield which the Republic’s artillery is unable to penetrate. Tasked with taking down the deflector shield, Anakin and Ahsoka succeed in penetrating the enemy lines, using all their stealth, cunning and ability to improvise, while Obi-Wan stalls for time by holding a fake surrender negotiation with Loathsom.

Soon after the final victory for the Republic on Christophsis, Master Yoda arrives with the urgent message that a mysterious group of renegades has kidnapped Jabba’s son, and it’s up to Anakin, Ahsoka, Rex and the clones to rescue him and bring him back home safely. Obi-Wan flies to Tatooine to assure Jabba that Rotta will be returned safely and to secure a promise by the Hutts to use their trading routes for safe passage within the Outer Rim.

After briefing in a Republic flagship, Anakin’s forces descend through the clouds of the jungle planet of Teth for one of the many natural stone pillars which litter the landscape. Under heavy fire, Anakin, Ahsoka and Rex storm the monasteryatop the pillar and find Rotta, who has gotten sick, only to be caught in an elaborate trap: Count Dooku has staged the kidnapping himself in order to blacklist the Jedi among the Hutts. First he has the Jedi retrieve the young Hutt to secure fake evidence, then Asajj Ventress, as the overseer of the operation, is charged with either retrieving or killing the young Huttlet.

While quarreling all the while about the proper procedure, yet slowly gaining respect of one another, Anakin and Ahsoka manage to escape the trap along with R2-D2 and hijack a derelict transport, which they use to travel to Tatooine. Ahsoka uses medicine onboard to treat the sick Huttlet. Obi-Wan, alerted by Anakin, arrives just in time to relieve Rex and the rest of his forces and engages Ventress in combat where he manages to defeat her, though Ventress flees in the face of capture.

In the meantime, Senator Amidala learns of Anakin’s mission. Worried about him, she decides to contact Jabba’s uncle,Ziro the Hutt, who lives in a shady part of Coruscant. The Hutt strangely refuses to cooperate, and soon Padmé finds out why: Ziro has actually conspired with Dooku to engineer the downfall of his nephew to seize the power over the Hutt clans for himself. Padmé is discovered and detained, but a chance call by C-3PO enables her to summon help, and Ziro is soon arrested by the Coruscant Guard.

Upon their arrival on Tatooine, Anakin and Ahsoka are attacked by MagnaGuards and shot down. Faced with a long way across desert sands and relentless opponents, Anakin devises a ruse; when Dooku corners Anakin, the pack he is carrying is revealed to contain merely rocks. Ahsoka and R2 travel with Rotta to Jabba’s palace unmolested, but just as they near it, Ahsoka is ambushed by three MagnaGuards, whom she narrowly defeats. But as Anakin and Ahsoka enter the palace one after another, they are threatened with execution by Jabba’s men even though Rotta is safely returned. Padmé calls just in time to convince Jabba of his uncle’s duplicity, while Anakin and Ahsoka are triumphantly retrieved by Obi-Wan, Yoda, Cody and the clones.

Summary Courtesy of Wookiepedia

  • hhhooo

    Anakin is such a boring character… Ashoka was ok and gave this show an interesting character.

    You don’t like the reverse grip? If you do martial arts you know how stupid dual wielding in general is! Much more than a reverse grip!

    Dual wielding is only practiced with Sai or two short sticks. With swords it’s just useless. Sword and dagger works, but not two swords!

    • It’s a trap!

      I think that the reverse grip looks cool but I know that it’s impractical. As for the duel wielding I know that with swords it is impractical because of the necessity to hit with the sharpened edge. Lightsabers have no set striking edge. They are more like sticks so duel wielding does make sense to me in that situation.


      • Loveitorleaveit

        sticks that can cut through anything! in that way duel wielding is amazing… unless you are Grevius who has 4 light sabers and can’t kill Obi Wan… all he had to do was swing all 4 blades at the same time. One of them would have hit

        • It’s a trap!

          The Force was strong with Obi-Wan

          • Loveitorleaveit

            it aint that strong espeically since it only took a single light saber swong very slowly by Vader to kill him

          • It’s a trap!

            Did it though. The Saber never touches him. He just becomes one with the Force. Also he isn’t in his prime anymore. -Ordoo

          • Loveitorleaveit

            age matters not when you have the force as your ally