Sciencing the Shit Out of Pokémon Go Capturing Mechanics

I have a huge problem with a lot of the science-based theories of how Pokéballs capture Pokémon. The matter-to-energy theories mean that there would be city-leveling nuclear explosions every time we captured even the smallest of Pokémon. The transporter theory means that there is a facility some place that holds all the monsters that we capture, which in the end means that there is a giant zoo someplace or a very inhumane warehouse storing all these creatures.

I think that it’s best to Occam’s razor this part of the discussion, because that’s not really what I want to talk about.

The simplest solution to how Pokémon are stored is that they are shrunk.

They become mini-versions of themselves small enough to fit into a ball the size of a fist, or in the case of Pokémon Go, they are stored in your phone. And as someone who thinks about the world scientifically and logically, this frustrates the hell out of me.

We have two major problems here. First, we have the Law of Conservation of Mass and the science behind decreasing the electron Bohr radius. Both of which would make all the walking you have to do to hatch your Pokéeggs impossible. Let’s science the shit out of this to find out why.

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